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Strength, vibrancy, smiles and unwavering love.  This event celebrates the life of Jamie Lynne Knotts, who died in January 2010 of a rare type of liver tumor at the age of 5 ½ months.  She is our angel.  This race not only honors Jamie, but also the doctors, nurses and staff at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center who are living angels to the children and families who are currently struggling with cancer and blood disorders. 


When you go to Connecticut Children's and find out your 11 week old baby has cancer and a 5% chance of survival, it doesn't matter who you are.  It doesn't matter what you have, how much money, status, cars, toys or ego.  You are stripped of everything.  Nothing else matters.  You are at the mercy of the people who are taking care of your child.  If you're as lucky as us, you have a strong faith, loving parents to rely on, and a network of friends and family who rush to your aid and never leave.  If you're not as lucky as us, all you have is the staff at Connecticut Children's.  Luckily they are the most amazing people you'll ever meet.


After we lost our dear Jamie, we made a decision to work in her memory and refocus our energy to help other children and families who are fighting cancer like we did.  In 2010, we created Jamie’s Run (JK 5K) to do just that, and it has become more than we ever dreamed.  The JK 5K Run is not only for the serious athlete; it also offers a walking route and a “Kids K Fun Run” for all levels of participation. While the JK 5K consistently draws more than 1,200 people from across New England and as far away as Colorado, who are avid runners, fitness enthusiasts and families - young and old.  


Your participation will ensure a brighter future for children all over Connecticut, who come to Connecticut Children's for state-of-the-art care. The race for a cure for many forms of cancer and blood disorders continues.  The proceeds equally support the Cancer Clinical Trials Program, which helps to offer the latest advancements in treatment, and the Family Assistance Fund, because the last thing a parent needs to worry about when their child is diagnosed with cancer is how to pay the bills. Last year alone, this donation supported the more than 100 clinical trials available for children diagnosed with cancer at Connecticut Children’s, placing it in the top 20% of children's hospitals in the nation.  Additionally, countless families were assisted with basic needs such as heat, rent, food and clothing. And sadly, some families needed help with funeral expenses. 


Your help is needed, be it participating, donating, volunteering or just pressing the share button for us.



Kurt, Kelly, Braeden & Dana Knotts
Jamie's Run Inc

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